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Welcome to the Louisiana Center for Equine Reproduction, where we provide a comprehensive range of cutting-edge equine reproductive services. With our expertise and state-of-the-art facilities, we are dedicated to assisting horse owners and breeders in achieving their breeding goals. Discover the exceptional services we offer:

Artificial Insemination (AI): Experience the convenience and success of our advanced artificial insemination services. We offer a wide selection of fresh, chilled, and frozen semen from top-quality stallions, ensuring optimal breeding opportunities for your mares.

Embryo Transfer: Multiply your breeding potential with our exceptional embryo transfer services. Our skilled team specializes in retrieving embryos from valuable donor mares and transferring them to carefully selected recipient mares, maximizing your chances of producing multiple foals in a single breeding season.

Comprehensive Mare Management and Breeding: Put your trust in our expert mare management services. From meticulous estrus synchronization to thorough ultrasound examinations, we ensure the ideal breeding conditions for your mares. Our experienced veterinarians provide tailored hormonal treatments to optimize reproductive cycles and enhance successful conception rates.

Stallion Services: Our comprehensive stallion services cater to the needs of stallion owners. We offer semen collection, evaluation, freezing, and storage to preserve the genetic potential of your prized stallion. Additionally, our breeding soundness evaluations and fertility testing provide crucial insights into your stallion's reproductive health.

Reproductive Evaluations and Treatments: Rely on our skilled veterinarians for comprehensive reproductive evaluations and advanced treatments. We are dedicated to diagnosing and addressing fertility issues or reproductive disorders in both mares and stallions, using the latest techniques and therapies.

Exceptional Foaling Services: Experience peace of mind with our professional foaling services. Our knowledgeable team offers vigilant monitoring of pregnant mares, ensuring their well-being throughout the gestation period. We provide expert assistance during the foaling process and offer post-foaling care to ensure the health and vitality of the mare and foal.

At the Louisiana Center for Equine Reproduction, we combine our passion for horses with the latest advancements in reproductive technologies. Trust us to deliver exceptional services that optimize your breeding success. Contact us today to discuss your equine reproductive needs and embark on a journey of excellence.

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