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LACER - Expertise

Dr. Cramer, a 2002 graduate of LSU School of Veterinary Medicine, has lived his entire life in Southern Louisiana, growing up in Crowley.   "I have been in an exclusive equine veterinary practice since the time of my graduation with a particular focus on equine reproduction," Dr. Cramer said. "I began maintaining a herd of recipient mares for the purpose of embryo transfer five years ago."  


Dr. Cramer has done an extensive amount of embryo transfer work for Robicheaux Ranch, Blanchet Farms, Tate Farms, Jumonville Farms, and a large number of individual racehorse clients.


"While my focus over the past few years has been on the mare side of the equation, we have expanded to provide additional stallion services," Dr. Cramer said. "We are looking to growing our stallion roster and services," he added.

LACER - Service
Foaling time is a thrilling, exciting time, but getting there and delivering a healthy foal requires hard work.  LACER is all about Equine Reproduction and helping you have the foal of your dreams.

LACER provides a variety of Embryo Transfer Programs to help you meet your goal.

Breeding a mare with a history of reproductive failure can be a frustrating and expensive proposition for the mare and owner. At the Louisiana Center for Equine Reproduction, we carefully review the mare and examine her reproductive history in order to provide a realistic prognosis for establishing and maintaining a pregnancy. Our breeding services range from Embryo Transfers to reproductive evaluations and routine exams for pregnancy detection. We use state of the art diagnostic techniques to evaluate the mare and the semen. 

Ultrasound, follicle assessment, hormone treatments and a daily tease program aid in determining the optimal time for insemination or breeding.

Our comprehensive services provide you important options.

Some Ways We Help

  • Artificial Insemination provides you with a much wider selection of stallions from which you can choose the sire of your new foal.

  • Embryo Transfer/Recovery Program provides you the opportunity to acquire a foal from a valuable mare that is past the traditional breeding age and may be "sub-fertile". It may increase the number of off-spring from a superior mare in a given year and still allow the mare to maintain a busy show and training schedule.

  • The techniques of Artificial Insemination, Embryo Transfer, Embryo Verification (freezing embryos)  helps horse owners have the foal of their dreams.

  • Our Foaling Service means providing a safe, controlled environment where this event can be closely monitored and help is available to ensure a positive outcome for both mare and foal.


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