2023 Breeding Calendar


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Breeding Soundness Exam

The mare Breeding soundness Examination typically includes:

  • The recording of a thorough and detailed history
  • Overall physical examination
  • A detailed examination of the reproductive tract.
  • Assessment of perineal conformation and health
    • Rectal palpation
    • Ultrasound of the cervix, uterus, and ovaries
    • A vaginal examination
    • A uterine culture and cytology
    • A uterine endometrial biopsy

Stallion reproductive evaluations are performed to
  • Pre-purchasing a stallion for breeding purposes.
  • To assess damage after an injury or if a fertility problem is suspected.
    • A stallion evaluation includes two semen collections an hour apart allowing each ejaculate to be evaluated for:
      • Volume
      • Motility
      • Concentration
      • Total sperm numbers.
        • To assess bacterial growth, a set of cultures is taken from the prepuce, urethra and semen following each collection.
        • Semen and blood samples are tested for the presence of Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA)
        • Morphology slides are made to assess structural integrity of the sperm cells.
        • The stallion's testicles are palpated and evaluated for consistency, conformation, orientation and size
        Once all results are gathered, a full report is provided to the stallion owner which provides descriptive details of the findings. The report makes recommendations on breeding procedures, treatment of any pathogens present, and the general suitability of the stallion as a breeding individual.